Participant's application for withdrawal from LLC

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To the director Ltd.ODL «Sun»

Kovalev Alexander Alekseevich

Minsk, Nezavisimosti avenue 166, office 12


from the Participant Ltd.ODL «Sun»

Alexey Susanin

registration address




I, Kovalchuk Vladimir Alekseevich, I am a member of the society with limitedadditional responsibility "Sun"(Hereinafter the" Society ") and as a member of this Society, I notify you of my withdrawal from the membership of the Society with DD.MM.YYYYi
I ask you to pay me the cost of a part of the Company's property corresponding to my share in the authorized capital, as well as a part of the profit attributable to my share.



Panin V.A.



This application was received by the director of the company with limitedadditional responsibility "Sun»  DD.MM.YYYY


________________ /initials and surname of the director/

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