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We bring to your attention sample donation agreementand receipts for the itemcompiled by a professional team of our lawyers. A sample donation agreement is intended for the legal registration of the gratuitous transfer of ownership of things, including property rights, from one natural person to another. A donation agreement between legal entities and (or) individual entrepreneurs is not allowed. The developed template allows you to provide conditions that are most often agreed by the parties in practice.

As a general rule, the conclusion of a donation agreement between individuals orally does not in itself entail its invalidity or non-conclusion. At the same time, the conclusion of an agreement according to the form prepared by us is guaranteed to protect you from legal risks and will serve as a reliable justification for concluding an agreement for the inspection authorities. It must also be remembered that real estate donation agreements are subject to state registration.

If there is a reciprocal transfer of a thing or a right or a reciprocal obligation, the contract is not recognized as a gift. A promise to donate all of your property or part of your property without specifying a specific subject of donation in the form of a thing, right, or exemption from obligation is null and void. An agreement providing for the transfer of a gift to the donee after the death of the donor is also void.

Documents in the program