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It is possible to draw up a contract to order, contact via chat or by phone numbers listed above. 

We bring to your attention sample contract, Act of Handover developed by our specialists. A sample contract and act are intended for the legal registration of the performance of work. The developed contract template meets all the mandatory requirements of the Belarusian legislation and allows you to provide conditions that are most often agreed by the parties in practice. 

In practice, a work contract with an individual is often used instead of concluding an employment contract (contract). For the employer the advantage of a work contract over an employment contract (by contract) is a simplified procedure for its termination, fewer responsibilities towards the employee, lack of the employee's right to annual paid leave, sick leave etc. 

At the same time, if the employment relationship between the employee and the employer is of a regular nature and, at the same time, the employee acts as a staff unit of the employer and obeys the rules of the employer's internal labor regulations, it is necessary to conclude an employment contract (contract).

Documents in the program
Related instructions
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    Here is the procedure for hiring in the Republic of Belarus. On the site, in addition to reading this manual, you can quickly fill out and download all the documents on the topic in our program.

  • Labor contract in Belarus

    We bring to your attention a sample of an employment contract and an annex to it - a job description. Our team of lawyers worked on the sample and it reflects all the necessary conditions stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Thanks to our program, the sample contract provides tips for its correct drafting and the variability of conditions that are most often agreed by the parties in practice.