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 It is possible to draw up a contract to order, contact via chat or by phone numbers listed above. 

We bring to your attention samples supply agreement and applications to it: product specification, delivery schedule, payment scheduleas well as a separate sample deposit agreements to the supply contract... Our team of lawyers took into account the requirements of the Belarusian legislation, as well as the conditions most often agreed in practice by the parties. The contract is suitable for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

According to our supply agreement, the supplier-seller undertakes to transfer, within the specified time or time, the goods produced or purchased by him to the buyer for their use in business. Goods can be individually defined non-consumable things, which, for example, equipment or a vehicle, have an engine number, a case, or there can be generic things (replaceable or consumable), this includes raw materials, fuel, however, requiring maximum specification in the product specification. To concretize generic things, a listing of such characteristics as categories, types, brands, models, physical properties (density, fat content, material of manufacture, etc.), quality characteristics (grade, class, etc.) is suitable. You can use GOSTs or regulations for these purposes. 

Thanks to our program, the contract provides for a variety of conditions, for example, the warranty period can begin from the day the Goods are delivered to the Buyer (when the goods are delivered to the Buyer) or from the day the Goods are placed at the Buyer's disposal (when the goods are selected), etc. 

In order to guarantee the fulfillment of the supply contract on the part of the buyer, we recommend concluding deposit agreement to a delivery contract.

Documents in the program