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It is possible to draw up a contract to order, contact via chat or by phone numbers listed above. 

We bring to your attention sample storage agreement, which can be used in the Republic of Belarus. A sample contract was drawn up by a professional team of our lawyers specifically for the storage of goods and other things. The document makes it possible to provide conditions that are most often agreed by the parties in practice.  

Under the storage agreement, one party (the custodian) undertakes to store the goods transferred to it by the other party (the depositor) and return these goods in safety. In a storage agreement, in which the custodian is a commercial company or a non-commercial organization that carries out storage as one of the purposes of its professional activities (professional custodian), the custodian may be obliged to accept the goods from the depositor for storage within the period specified in the agreement. 

A storage agreement providing for the custodian's obligation to accept the goods for storage must be concluded in writing, regardless of the composition of the parties to this agreement and the value of the thing transferred for storage.

Documents in the program