Personnel instructions and documents

  • Labor and social leave in Belarus
  • Employment in Belarus
  • Disciplinary responsibility in Belarus
  • Labor contract in Belarus
  • Obligation of non-disclosure of commercial secrets in Belarus
  • Agreement on non-competition in Belarus
  • Dismissal of an employee on various grounds
  • Dismissal by agreement of the parties in Belarus
  • Dismissal upon liquidation in Belarus
  • Dismissal upon expiration of the contract in Belarus
  • Dismissal for a system of violations in Belarus
  • Order an individual contract
Dismissal of an employee on various grounds Order an individual contract
  • Cost drawing up a regular contract - 80 rubles,
    with elements of foreign economic activity - 120 rubles.
  • Time of completion The contract will be ready in 1-2 days
    and sent to you by mail.

Order an individual contract