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We bring to your attention a sample labor contract and applications to it - job description... Our team of lawyers worked on the sample and it reflects all the necessary conditions provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Thanks to our program, the sample contract provides tips for its correct drafting and the variability of conditions that are most often agreed by the parties in practice.

The contract is a type of fixed-term employment contract and is concluded in the manner and under the conditions provided for by labor legislation.  

It must contain the following information and conditions that are provided for in our sample employment contract:

  • information about the employee and employer who entered into an employment contract;
  • place of work with an indication of the structural unit in which the employee is hired;
  • labor function (work in one or several professions, specialties, positions with an indication of qualifications in accordance with the staffing table of the employer, functional duties, job description);
  • basic rights and obligations of the employee and employer;
  • the mode of work and rest (if it in relation to this employee differs from the general rules established by the employer);
  • terms of remuneration (including the size of the wage rate (salary) of the employee, additional payments, allowances and incentive payments);
  • the term of the contract (from 1 to 5 years);
  • terms of termination of the contract, in accordance with the requirements of labor legislation.

All other necessary actions and documents for hiring employee, in addition to concluding an employment contract, you can find in our hiring instructions.



Documents in the program
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