Transportation of passengers by taxi cars in Belarus

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  1. General requirements for activities
  2. License requirements
  3. What you need to work with clients

Here is an instruction on how to properly arrange the activities of transporting passengers by cars - taxis. 

1. General requirements for the implementation of activities

  1. Vehicle of the corresponding category

The vehicle does not have to be the property of the person. It can also be rented.

  1. An employee appointed by order to be responsible for organizing and performing road transport with an appropriate qualification level. In the event that an individual entrepreneur will be engaged in urban or suburban transportation, he can also hire a person in the state, who will subsequently be appointed responsible for organizing and performing road transportation with an appropriate level of qualifications, or he himself will meet these requirements and undergo the necessary training (if necessary).

An employee responsible for organizing and performing road transport must have a higher or secondary specialized education, which includes the study of disciplines in transport activities in the field of road transport or undergo advanced training in an appropriate educational institution.

In the future, the person appointed in charge of the organization of road transport must improve his qualifications in this area at least once every five years.

  1. Drivers with appropriate qualifications
  1. Pre-trip control of the technical condition of vehicles

It can be carried out by a full-time employee (mechanic) or on the basis of a paid services agreement with the relevant organization. An individual entrepreneur can also carry out pre-trip control of the technical condition. These persons put a mark on the control measures in the waybill.

Only the driver of the direct vehicle cannot exercise such control.

  1. Organization of pre-trip inspection of drivers

The pre-trip examination of the driver is carried out by a medical worker who has been trained in pre-trip medical examination. This healthcare professional can be a staff member of the organization or a contractual employee of a healthcare organization.

In the absence of a full-time physician, it is necessary to conclude an agreement for the provision of paid services with the relevant health care institution.

* From February 23, in connection with the entry of Decree No. 7 of November 23, 2017, pre-trip examination can be carried out without the involvement of doctors. 

6. Dispatcher (it is possible in the state, it is also possible by agreement)

To carry out road transportation of passengers by taxi cars, a road carrier may conclude an agreement with a taxi dispatcher on the provision of services for the organization of road transportation of passengers.

7. Availability of cash registers or taximeters included in the State Register of models (modifications) of cash registers and special computer systems and registered in accordance with the established procedure in the relevant tax authority. The absence of a taximeter, or the implementation of transportation with a disabled taximeter entails liability under Art. 18.33 Administrative Code.

8.a) Book of accounting of car operation and taximeter readings (for individual entrepreneurs)

The book of accounting for the operation of the car and the readings of the taximeter is registered with the tax office

b) Card for recording vehicle operation and taximeter readings (for legal entities)

The taximeter is registered with the tax office.

The card is entered on the taximeter for a calendar month and registered with the tax office. At the end of the month, the card is handed over to the archive of the enterprise in the manner determined by the order of the head of the enterprise. The card is stored for the entire service life of the taximeter and is presented at the request of the regulatory authorities along with the waybills.

9. Availability of waybill (for each car)

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2. Requirements for obtaining a license

In order to obtain a license, it is necessary to prepare and submit a package of documents to the Transport Inspectorate of the Ministry of Transport and Communications at the place of registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

15 days from the date of submission of documents to the Transport Inspectorate of the entire package of documents. If it is necessary to conduct an examination of the compliance of the possibilities to carry out the licensed type of activity, the period is extended no more than 10 working days. The license is valid for an unlimited period.

Package of documents:

1. Order on the appointment of a person responsible for the implementation of road transport

2. A copy of the diploma of the relevant higher education or a copy of the retraining certificate of the person appointed responsible for the implementation of road transport

3. List of vehicles on which this type of activity will be carried out

The list should reflect: category, car brand and its registration plate.

4. Application for a license

5. Payment order for payment of state duty with a blue seal of the bank (state duty is 10 basic units)

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs located in the territory of medium, small urban settlements, rural areas are exempt from paying this state duty if they have been operating for less than 7 (seven) years.

6. Power of attorney, if the documents for obtaining a license will be submitted not by the head of the organization or an individual entrepreneur, but by another authorized person

All documents should be placed in a cardboard binder.

The transport inspectorate is not entitled to require additional documents from the applicant.

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3. What is needed to work with clients?

  1. License.
  2. Comply with general requirements.
  3. A waybill for each flight.
  4. Cashier's check.

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