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  1. Grounds for modification
  2. We study the current charter
  3. We approve the new charter
  4. Submitting documents for registration: preparatory stage
  5. Registration of the charter 
  6. Sending a copy of the charter to interested parties 

Step 1. Grounds for amending the charter.

It is necessary to amend the charter of an LLC (ODO) or a private unitary enterprise in the following cases:

  • Change of legal address, location of the company;
  • Change of company name;
  • Creation of a branch, representative office;
  • Change in the size of the authorized fund;
  • Change (addition) of activity according to OKED (for statutes where such a provision is fixed);
  • New passport details of the founders (can be done when there are other changes);
  • Changes in legislation to be reflected in the charter (can be done when there are other changes by acquiring our statutory statutes in the program).

For other more complex bases, we have separate detailed instructions - withdrawal of the participant from the LLC, sale of a stake in an LLC, reorganization of the private unitary enterprise into LLC, sale of private unitary enterprises.

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Step 2. We study the provisions of the current charter.

Changes and additions to the charter are made through a general meeting LLC participants, decision sole participant of LLC or founder (owner of property) of a unitary enterprise... Decisions at the general meeting of participants are made in the presence of a quorum with the number of votes established by the charter for resolving a particular issue. Thus, the issue of increasing the authorized capital by accepting a new participant can only be resolved unanimously. As a general rule, questions are adopted by a majority vote of the participants present at the meeting. In some cases (for example, transactions involving affiliated persons), some persons who have the right to participate in the general meeting of participants cannot take part in the voting.

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Step 3. We approve the new charter.

Having decided on the procedure for voting on the agenda, the person initiating the convocation of the general meeting of participants regarding the introduction of amendments and additions to the constituent documents develops a draft charter reflecting these amendments and additions. When developing the charter, it is important to understand that its provisions should not contradict the norms of Belarusian legislation. It is also necessary to reflect in it changes in legislation that have occurred since the adoption of the current edition of the charter, as well as actually changed circumstances that are not reflected in the charter, such as a change in location, size of the authorized fund, passport data of the founders. We have specially developed various statutes with amendments for ChUP, Single Member LLC, LLC with several members.

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Step 4. Submitting documents for registration: preparatory stage.

The new version of the charter approved and signed by the founders is submitted to the registering body (executive committee) at the location of the commercial organization for registration... At the same time, it is worth remembering that some preliminary formalities have been followed. So, if the changes are associated with a change in name or reorganization in the form of a transformation, the head of the organization will preliminarily agrees with the registration authority the name of the organization... If the changes are related to an increase in the authorized capital, it is necessary to deposit the corresponding amount of funds by an authorized person. When changing the location, it is necessary to conclude a lease agreement for the new location and notify about it registration authority.

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Step 5. Registration of the charter.

To register the charter, the head or an authorized representative of a commercial organization submits the following documents to the registering authority: statement of the prescribed forma charter signed in duplicate, a charter on a disk, a receipt for payment of a state fee. The powers of the manager are confirmed by an employment contract or an agreement with the manager, the powers of the representative are confirmed power of attorney... When making changes related to the change of the name, including the organizational and legal form, it is necessary to provide the original certificate of state registration for withdrawal. Registration of the charter is made on the day of application If it is necessary to issue a new certificate of registration, it is issued on the next business day after the registration of the charter.

Step 6. Sending a copy of the charter to interested parties.

Since the charter contains a number of identifying information that is important for tax accounting purposes, it is necessary direct a copy of the charter certified by the head to the tax and the Federal Social Security Service. It is also advisable to do the same for the bank. This is especially important in the case of a change in the name, some banks in such cases also ask to reissue the card of signatures of officials authorized to manage the account.

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