Organization management services

  • Organization management services

Organization management services are aimed at effective support of small and medium-sized businesses in Belarus:

  • Solving issues of company management.
  • Business administrative support.
  • Planning and development issues of the company.

Services are available to legal entities that own a business. These can be residents of the Republic of Belarus and foreign citizens involved in any economic activity: real estate sales, construction, wholesale and retail sales, manufacturing, information technology.

What does management of an organization mean?


Management work includes a number of measures and requirements that help shareholders and founders control the management of the enterprise. Competent management activity also directly affects the management itself and the business processes in general.

The service is provided by professional managers whose actions are aimed at optimizing all business processes.

The company receives a well-structured management plan, which implies that each group, department, branch or institution of the enterprise will perform its functions at a high level. At the same time, the interests of each group are taken into account and a balance is maintained between them.

Notice. Hiring a manager is cheaper than maintaining a staff of a director and his assistants. A professional manager acts within the framework of the contract and the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, and the company providing management services provides the necessary legal support.

Who orders corporate governance?


When considering the issue at a professional level, business support and maintenance is an activity that is useful for any enterprise. It allows you to solve complex management tasks that managers and managers hired from outside can not always cope with.

The manager looks at the enterprise from the outside, identifies strengths and weaknesses that need to be brought to a new level and strengthened.

The manager is well versed in all legal aspects, knows how to act in difficult situations, what levers of legislation to use.

What are the responsibilities of a professional manager:

  • Draws up a competent business plan.
  • Developing a financing model.
  • Helps management with the annual budget.
  • Provides advice to business owners on complex and unresolved issues.

When is corporate governance required?


Management services may be needed in four cases:

1. Requires strategic growth.

When the revenue stops growing during the year, and its organic growth is impossible, you will have to attract a specialist from outside. The manager will develop a strategy, a special business model that will allow connecting new areas of activity and expanding the range of products.

2. Loss of focus of detail.

The governing body is created at a certain stage of business formation. Often, the owner loses the focus of his activities, cannot accumulate the functions of deep monitoring, control the implementation of the strategy. The manager must cope with these tasks, and the owner must concentrate on the tasks that he is able to perform.

3. Loss of objective assessment.

The management is often deeply immersed in the affairs of the enterprise and is not able to objectively assess the situation on the market and its position among competitors.

Owners begin to make mistakes, which slows down the growth of the business, and the organization loses its strong position.

The manager, on the other hand, makes decisions not on emotions, but competently weighing each legal aspect, taking into account the current situation and the most beneficial steps to resolve it.

4. There is no unified position of the owners.

The task of management is not only in strategies and building business plans. The specialist can reconcile owners with different views on doing business.

The manager helps to come to a consensus, works within the budget, strategy and KPI, and also takes into account the general motivation that will allow you to achieve a positive result.

Why order corporate governance?


  • You don't have to "inflate" the staff, hire directors and third-party managers who do not always understand the issues of a competent vision of business processes.
  • Saving your budget.
  • Ability to engage in direct tasks without being distracted by management activities.
  • An opportunity to increase profits, launch a new line of products, objectively assess the market situation through the eyes of an experienced specialist.

Professional business administration. Features of the service. Benefits of cooperation


You can order a comprehensive business administration service from us, which includes activities of the same name and a number of other areas:

  • legal and accounting assistance;
  • Financial services;
  • coordination with suppliers and other contractors (at the discretion of the client).

The offer consists in the remote work of qualified specialists: a business administrator, an accountant-tax consultant, a lawyer.

Experts coordinate the team of the client's enterprise / firm, work with trusted partners. This frees the head of the company from the need to interact with third parties at a technical level. The help of professionals also helps to reduce the burden on the core staff of employees who can focus exclusively on their tasks.

Among our partners:

  • banking institutions;
  • real estate, lawyer and audit agencies;
  • customs representatives and consultants;
  • furniture and electronics suppliers;
  • HR specialists;
  • consultants for obtaining certificates and approvals in the construction industry;
  • lessors of small premises for virtual offices.

Business administration is suitable for:

  • Small business owners with up to 100 employees.
  • Foreign business owners (English-, Russian-, Spanish-speaking) who cannot be permanently located and run the company.
  • A business engaged in the provision of services, export and import of goods, as well as their production.

Six advantages of working with us:

  1. Formal conclusion of the contract.
  2. Reliable representative in the Republic of Belarus.
  3. Interest in working with company owners rather than local management.
  4. High quality guarantee for complex work: administrator, accountant, lawyer. Each specialist is focused on the consistency of different departments of the enterprise, cooperation with competent contractors and compliance with all requirements of good outsourcing.
  5. Remote team work. This approach reduces costs: you do not need to maintain a staff of additional employees, pay insurance premiums.
  6. Cooperation of our partners with several clients at once. Opportunity to save on purchases and services.

How to order corporate governance?


The service is available for legal entities. To make an appointment, it is enough to contact the specialists at the indicated phone numbers.

The cost depends on the complexity of the tasks and the specifics of the economic activity of the enterprise.